Kobido Master's Training Diploma Program: Beginners Levels

   Kobido Level 1 Training

  Kobido Level 1: Program Overview

Kobido Level 1 Official Training

In this level, we will begin with the most fundamental techniques. We will start with the primary techniques that are used through a treatment, especially during the beginning and at transition points. We will also study as well Kobido techniques for the T-zone.


During this training, you will learn an additional 15 connecting techniques for Level 1.

This is the Kobido® Level 1 training course with the Kobido master. This is a 8-week course. You will learn 30 Kobido techniques of Level 1 from the textbook. You will learn an additional 15 connecting  techniques online. You can access the online training videos 24/7.

 Kobido Level 1 - Official Textbook

Kobido Level 1 Official Textbook

English, French, Japanese Edition

• KOBIDO 132 pages Full-Color Official Textbook

  (Textbook is in English, French and Japanese)

• We will cover Kobido Official Techniques 1 through 30

• Over 300 photos and illustrations.

• Step-by-step detail instructions.

 Kobido Level 1: Master's Training
Kobido Direct Apprentice Training with the 26th Generation Master: Level 1 Sample Videos
Kobido Training Section A, you will learn 30 of most foundational Kobido techniques directory from the 26th Generation Master of House and Lineage of Kobido. All technique will practice on the facial mannequin.
Smooth connecting all techniques are essential to Kobido facial as well as your successful facial practice. Kobido Training Section A, you will also learn how to connect techniques to begin to create treatment. Also this section of training will be practicing on the facial mannequin.
Kobido Training Section B, you will learn each 30 Kobido techniques one more time, learn how to apply directory to the face. After you learn each technique smoothly apply on the face, you will study how to connect these techniques to start building Kobido facial treatment. Goal is to create 15 to 20 minutes basic Kobido facial using there 30 techniques studied on the Level 1.

  Level 1 Training Schedule

Kobido Level 1 Training: Next class starts on October 12th, 2020

• The schedule is a guideline. You can register and start training anytime and proceed training at your own pace.

• Please ensure that you give yourself enough time to become familiar with the techniques before class starts.

• Due to Corina Pandemic, Package may takes longer time, please order enough time in advance.

  Kobido Level 1 Training Registration and Complete Training Package

• KOBIDO 128 pages Full-Color Official Textbook

  (Textbook is in English, French, and Japanese)

• Over 22-hours of technical online video instruction

  (Video instruction is in English Only)

• KOBIDO® Official Postcards (English and French)

• KOBIDO® Official Paper Holders

  Tuition for Kobido Online Masters Training: Level 1

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