Trademarks and Legal Notice

The KOBIDO name and logo are registered trademarks in the many European countries including UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, as well as Russia, USA, Japan, and many other countries worldwide. KOBIDO is the name of a lineage as well as the name of our company in Japan, and is not the name of a technique, method, or treatment. KOBIDO has been a registered trademark in Japan for many years.


Shiatsu and Anma are generic terms in Japan that everybody knows. KOBIDO, however, is a company and lineage name, in the same manner as Shiseido or Toyota. KOBIDO is one company among many in Japan that offer Japanese facial massages. The Japanese Trademark Office would never have approved the KOBIDO trademark if it were a generic term.


Unfortunately, some schools in Europe have incorrectly advertised KOBIDO as a generic term for "Japanese Facial Massage" to fraudulently mislead people for their own profit, and we have received numerous complaints from some victims who have been taken classes from such fraudulent schools.


There are many dedicated KOBIDO apprentices in Europe who have been studying our company’s method of facial massage for years. Please be respectful and do not use the KOBIDO name unless you have undergone extensive training with KOBIDO and have received our written permission.

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